PW-C is one year old

October 10, 2013 in Announcements, Talking point

It was a year ago today that we launched the PeerWise-Community site: we are officially one! :)

We now have over 300 users registered on the sites, and have had nearly 5,000 unique visitors request 26,000 individual pages.

In terms of location of visitors to the site, we’ve welcomed viewers from all inhabited continents, with the UK topping the country list with nearly 1/3 of all visits. Not bad for an (allegedly) small and irrelevant island (not my words, you understand….)  The USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia follow for the rest of the top 5 visitor countries. Approximately half of all traffic over the last year was from returning users, who had previously visited the site.

There’s a huge amount of data that Google Analytics gives you, that can consume vast amounts of time drilling into! But one of the more surprising things to me was that the vast majority of all accesses (over 80%) still come from desktop / laptop devices rather than tablet or mobile. And also, after the home page and the registration page, it turns out that publication page was the one most frequently consulted.

If any members have suggestions for things they would like to see in year 2 on the site, please add comments below!


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